Sunday, March 12, 2017

Carnival Time 2017

Mardi Gras season this year was unusually warm and tropical -- a nice payback considering the last two were unseasonably cold, and Mardi Gras day 2014 being one of the most miserable on record, with a high temp of 33 and non-stop rain, which had the parade routes empty by 10AM. This year people made the best of the good weather, with huge numbers attending parades and other events. Rather than make my usual post of floats and krewes, I chose six random photos from the bunch that I had a personal liking for. The skies and light on Lundi Gras were incredible, which resulted in the nice shot of St. Louis cathedral above. I normally wouldn't post what is probably the ten millionth picture of the cathedral on the internet, but of all the photos I've taken of it just passing by over the past decade-plus, this is one I could live with. The bottom photo was just a strange sudden moment of bright red pants standing out in perfect contrast to the blues and greens of the Lundi Gras celebration on the riverfront. It was just one of those odd moments where I suddenly saw some "thing" and snapped a photo of it without asking myself why. It's an approach that doesn't always work, but I'm pretty fond of this one. The dungeon tones on the Royal Street shot were necessary to keep the nice clouds from blowing out to featureless white; however the area was in cloud shadow and this exposure, 1/500 @ f/11 ISO 1000, was the combination that got closest to the diffuse crepuscular light the Quarter was in that evening. 


Mississippi River at Algiers Point
Snack Stand off the Parade Route, Felicity St. 

Royal Street, Lundi Gras 

Lundi Gras