Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Aerials - Plaquemines Parish

Head of Passes, End of the Mississippi River

Some preliminary results from an aerial shoot with the assistance of SouthWings. On the next to last day of 2016, pilot Ken Knevel took me downriver with the goal of getting some more aerials to add to portfolios for The End of the Great River. The conditions were unusual -- cool, high haze and diffuse sun -- making for results quite different from aerial shoots done in summer months, featuring a soothing combination of blue and brown hues. In many of the photos, it's easy to see the muddy Mississippi waters meeting the blue water of the Gulf of Mexico, and the brownish tint of the marsh grass made the contrast between wetlands and water more obvious, which emphasized just how much land has been lost in lower Plaquemines Parish. The shot looking downriver at Empire, LA, shows the area at top that at one time was all solid wetlands that acted as a storm surge barrier in the past, but which has now eroded away to nothing but open water with the thin beach barrier seen on the horizon. It was a very enjoyable flight that produced excellent results that should keep me busy for a while. The best of the lot will eventually be added to the End of the Great River portfolio on my regular website. Many thanks to Meredith Dowling at the SouthWings office for making it happen, and to Ken Knevel for the flight.
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Mississippi River at Port Sulphur

Empire, LA

Mississippi River at Venice, LA

Pilottown and Head of Passes

Port Eads, South Pass

Mouth of South Pass and Eads Jetty

Southwest Pass at Burwood, Toward Head of Passes

Southwest Pass -- the Mississippi Meets Blue Water

Red Pass, Southwest of Venice, LA

Empire-Buras, LA, Mississippi River at top

Violet, St. Bernard Parish, LA 

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