Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Golden Hour at Lake Pontchartrain

Winter in New Orleans so far has been warmer and more tropical than usual. We had a two-day cold snap before Christmas, but other than that it's been muggy and stormy. A thunderstorm passed by the south shore lakefront on the second day of the year, and I had an hour to kill with the rangefinder. In the space of about 30 minutes, the storm broke up, and the sky suddenly exploded into an incredibly vibrant orange for about ten minutes, quickly morphing into purple twilight. South Louisiana is never short on dramatic skies when the weather is unstable, and this thunderstorm passed at just the right time. Images came straight out of the camera; just RAW files converted to JPEGS. All photos here were taken at 1/60, f/11 with auto ISO adjustment which works well in rapidly changing light, ranging here from ISO 800-2000.

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