Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Athens, GA

Three postcard pics taken the morning of July 26, 2009 -- the last time I visited Athens, Georgia, my former home for 11 years. We were passing through and stopped for a day there on our way to Asheville and other stops. As I remember it, North Georgia was experiencing a pretty oppressive heat wave at the time; the temp hit 100F this day in Athens. These were shot from the downtown parking ramp with my old Canon 40D, state-of-the-art at the time, but with a cropped sensor view that I never got used to; weird color anomalies somewhere in the cyan range that got worse the more I used the camera; and it summarily croaked on me after only shooting about 10,000 frames. The one interesting thing it did was create strange pastel-like colors when used with a polarized filter, like these photos show, almost looking like old hand-tinted postcards. I guess you could say this was from my put-the-tallest-thing-at-left period.