Friday, August 5, 2016

Southwest Louisiana Trip

I'm off on another return trip to Cameron and Vermilion parishes to continue the 120 film series, staying in a "secure, undisclosed location" somewhere in southwest Louisiana. I've been playing around with Google Earth for the past week plotting some new spots to check out that I haven't seen before but are definitely accessible by road, deep in middle of the unoccupied Cameron prairie. Though these roads appear to be dirt or gravel, they are marked as parish roads, so they are publicly accessible. Though most of Cameron Parish is checker-boarded by a grid of roads of all grades, many of them are private, or are only there to access private land or oil wells. However, any road that is named or marked with a parish number is public access, even though many of them dead-end in the middle of nowhere, somewhere deep in the vast, sparsely populated cheniere plain. The above photo, from summer of 2014, shows what on maps is called Parish Road 217 near Grand Chenier, but publicly it's also marked as Pumpkin Ridge Road. Anyway, hopefully in a few weeks I'll have some results up here from this present trip back to one of my favorite places.

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