Friday, January 22, 2016

Recent 35mm B/W Outtakes

These are a few random frames from tails of black-and-white rolls of 35mm film shot this past autumn; shots that didn't fit into other projects or done to kill the end of the roll. They tend to add up! The film is Agfa APX100 with a medium-yellow filter. Locations are New Orleans and a few from lower Plaquemines.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bonnet Carré Spillway and High Water in Algiers

 The Bonnet Carré Spillway in Norco has been opened to drain off the swollen Mississippi River into Lake Pontchartrain, to prevent the river from overtaxing or overtopping the levees in New Orleans, 25 miles downriver. News says this is the third time it has been opened in the past ten years; but it has only been opened eight times prior since its construction in 1931.  The bottom three shots are from later the same afternoon at Algiers Point in New Orleans; the river is at 17ft and about one third of the way up the concrete part of the levee, which would put the water at parity with the first floor ceilings of most residents of the Point, who are thankful the spillway is diverting 250,000 cubic feet of water per second away from them.