Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vermilion Parish: 120 Film Series

Here are a few 120 film results from the recent trip out to Vermilion Parish. The weather this time around was very hot and muggy; I would usually have to wait five minutes for the camera to de-fog every time I stepped out of the air-conditioned truck. At this point, my general feeling about the twin-lens Mamiya is that it doesn't always work, but when it does, the result is solid. My favorite thing to do when people are present is not ask them to do anything; I will just line up a shot and let people walk in and out of the frame as they please, without telling them to look interesting or do anything - or even mentioning I'm making a photograph. When I do this, strangely enough, someone will always ask if the picture was posed or if I was "directing" the people in the photo. The best results from this trip seemed to come in waves or fits of good sunlight. Vermilion Bay had a lot of natural contrast and moody lighting after a short but powerful thunderstorm rolled past Cypremort Point. The bottom photograph is a path cut through dense summer growth near the northern shore of White Lake.
(click on photos for larger view.)