Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I finally upgraded to a much-needed new system for photo processing; my previous Mac had been obsolete for years. I've had to start the long chore of remastering older photos with the latest version of Aperture, which can "see" many more subtle shades of black than the previous, outdated one I was using.
Above is an example; to me the colors look much more natural and not so digital-psychedelic; and there's a ton more micro-details that previous versions of Aperture or iPhoto were not able to register or interpret decently. I've found in this mastering process I really haven't had to do much of anything to edit or change the details present in the original RAW files. The most startling examples come from remastering photos taken with the lousy old Canon Rebel-XT; they are much improved.
The End of the Great River has been completely remastered, as well as the "Landscape" portfolio, so check those out first. I'll be changing out the other portfolios and projects on the website, as well as archiving some for a while and presenting other remastered portfolios. Right now I'm in the middle of remastering a ton of Cameron Parish images. A handful are now in the "Landscape" portfolio; others may be compiled in a projects portfolio later on.