Monday, December 16, 2013

Medium-Format 120 Test Roll #2, St. Bernard Parish

Looking ahead to the start of 2014, I am planning to start a newer project gallery devoted to 120 film images made with a 1960s twin-lens Mamiya given to me by my friend Jamie Derevere, from Athens, GA. (He had two of them, so he kindly donated one to me.) 35mm Fujichrome Positives will be archived, though still viewable and searchable. Shooting in square format with a 105mm lens has been a fun challenge because it's a way of seeing and composing that I'm not used to. These are a few shots from a test roll made in St. Bernard Parish one recent afternoon. The film is Kodak Portra 400. I wasn't trying for anything "serious" here; it's just a test of the camera and film, but it ain't bad so far. The resolution is excellent and I'm sure they'll make nice prints. Now I have to scheme on some project made for medium format. (Click pics for larger view.)