Sunday, August 18, 2013

Costa Rica

Just returned from two weeks in Costa Rica. Locations seen/photographed included San Jose; Turrialba; and Cartago Province. The Canon 5D was being an enormous pain in the ass on this trip, spitting out pink files in the LCD every 3-5 exposures; it has been sent in again for the second time in six weeks to Canon.
Somehow I managed to make enough shots to have a decent enough pile to whittle down between assignment photography coming up in Nashville and Atlanta. When processing is finished, there will be a Costa Rica portfolio under Projects on the regular website.

The biggest challenges for shooting in Costa Rica (aside from dealing with my malfunctioning 5D) came from the tropical wet-season weather, which was constantly changing in the Central Highlands, where I spent the entire trip. Days usually began sunny and cool; by noon it was hot and cloudy; by 3PM there was often rain for the rest of daylight hours, which end sharply at 6PM daily due to the nearness to the equator. It gets dark early, and fast, year-round. Skies were often cloudy, but when the sun came out it was always dramatic.

Pics coming soon! There will be many botanicals; landscapes of hills and valleys; jungles; and cityscapes from San Jose including inside the Teatro Nacional. Stay tuned.