Monday, March 11, 2013

A Few Words About the Cheniere au Tigre Photos

Return visitors and Google searchers who come to this blog will notice that all the posts and photographs regarding Cheniere au Tigre are missing. I have removed all of them from the blog as well as my regular website, and now have designated the collection as private and available for view by appointment only. Results from Google image searches will eventually see the images fall off the web.

The reasons for doing this are related to my belief that Cheniere au Tigre is a very special place and important not only regarding Louisiana's history, but also important to the descendants of people who settled the place, who still live in Vermilion Parish. I noticed that since I posted the photographs, this blog was receiving tons of hits from people searching for images of Cheniere au Tigre, and there was evidence that the photos were being copied or downloaded, which I have posted many warnings against doing, yet people were doing it anyway. This is not only disrespectful to the memories and history of Cheniere au Tigre, which is not a state park or public land; it also ignores the fact that it took me years of planning, false starts, and abandoned attempts to reach the place, and I simply felt that leaving the photographs online for the whole world to have for free was cheapening their value and giving no acknowledgement of the effort that went into making them. My visit to Cheniere au Tigre was made only after securing permission of landowners and making arrangements with the National Audubon Society, who guided me there.

For these reasons, the photographs are now a designated private collection, available for viewing only by formal requests from publishers, organizations, art buyers, entities, or individuals seriously interested in their historic and artistic value. Families and descendants of former Cheniere au Tigre settlers are, of course, more than welcome and encouraged to contact me. The photographs were made as a means of preserving Cheniere au Tigre for posterity, and not meant to be internet fast-food, and that is why I have removed them.