Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fellini Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras 2013

This year's carnival season was a lot of fun, but admittedly not great for photography. I made a lot of shots at Endymion, but the sky was a dull gray, light was low, and out of 120 exposures made, I think maybe a dozen or so will be passable, which I may post here or save for stock later.

As we approached today, Mardi Gras, the weather pundits seemed to be predicting doom, with thunderstorms galore and rained-out parades, but by late night on Lundi Gras they started backpedaling and saying there was a chance the rain would hold off until late afternoon. It turned out to be warm and very foggy, with about one minute of very light rain at around noon. The predicted deluge scared me into keeping the camera home, though I did make some very interesting cell phone videos of St. Anne revelers pouring the ashes of their loved ones into the Mississippi River in the thickest noon fog I have ever seen in New Orleans. If there is any way to get these clips up here, I will do it soon. It was a scene as moving as it was mysterious; and sadly I only had a cell phone to record it. "I feel like I'm in a Fellini film," I said to one of the St. Ann people.
"You are," was his instant reply.