Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's a new year - time for my annual planning period. There seems to be a lot cooking in the photo kitchen these days, though much of it is dependent on certain things following through.

A major publisher (which shall go unnamed for the moment) is giving serious consideration to The End of the Great River, and the latest word is that an up-or-down decision will be made on the project after their next editorial board meeting. My fingers are crossed and I ask anyone reading this to cross yours also.

I recently sent out a huge detailed proposal to the National Audubon Society regarding making several trips with their assistance to rural Vermilion Parish, the Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Refuge, and Cheniere au Tigre. The idea this time around is to photograph these areas in two separate seasons to show the contrast between the first stirrings of spring, and then the full lush growth of mid-summer -- the same approach used several years ago at the White Lake Wetlands Conservation Area, also in Vermilion Parish near Gueydan.

Mardi Gras is coming again, and as usual I'll be hitting the parade routes with camera in hand.

So with everything sent out, I'm now eagerly awaiting word back, hoping this will be a good year filled with lots of photo trips and things to show you.