Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gulf States Camera Club Council Convention in New Iberia

I will be a guest speaker at the annual Gulf States Camera Club Council Convention, hosted by the Lafayette Photographic Society, being held this year in New Iberia, LA, at the Ramada Conference Center.
My slot is at 1:30PM on Friday, April 20th; I will be giving a 60-70 minute presentation on recent works and experiences in photographing Louisiana's coast. I plan to show a little bit of what's been cooking in the kitchen lately and just give a general talk on my approach to things, what motivates me to make photographs, and other aesthetic matters. I love giving talks and mostly improvise once things start rolling, avoiding instructional advice and getting into what is most important to me - photography as a means of sharing the feelings stirred by being in places.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Grand Isle Juried Art Exhibition

A 20x24 C-print of this photograph, Lake Arthur, LA, has been selected to be in this year's Grand Isle Juried Art Exhibition, April 14-22, at the Grand Isle Community Center on LA State Highway 1. 

This was one of many photographs made in the town of Lake Arthur last summer, and shows my daughter Maureen and her friends, the twins Katie and Ella, looking over the bow of a boat we were on, at the edge of Lake Arthur looking up the Mermentau River. It was just one of those "moments" - in no way a planned, rehearsed or posed image. As we began entering the the river from the lake, the girls instinctively moved to the bow of the boat for the view. A heavy summer thunderstorm had hit about an hour before we got into the boat and was still clearing out; we could hear thunder rumbling in the distance, there was no wind, and we were still blocked from any direct sunlight, which provided for the eerie light (no Photoshopping or blending of multiple exposures was used for this image; exposure was 1/180 at f/16, using the 10-24mm Tamron lens). I visualized the completed image as it is here, lined it up, and pulled the shutter before the silent mood changed. It's probably my favorite shot from that particular trip, and to distinguish it from the other Lake Arthur images made, it has acquired the unofficial nickname "Heinies."