Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cameron Parish in Winter

A few days after Christmas, my wife and I drove out to western Louisiana for some holiday bed-and-breakfast hopping, and to visit Cameron Parish, the state's largest but most sparsely-populated parish, which I have never photographed before in winter. It was warm, but down here in winter warm days are often foggy or hazy, and this presented some problems when it came time to photograph the Sabine Pass lighthouse. The sun was behind the lighthouse, a different position from the norm in other seasons, so if exposure was made for the lighthouse itself, the sky would be all blown out white. Lucky for me, the right amount of haze blew in and caused a sundog, which instantly provided the right image.

After it warmed up more that day, the haze burned off, and we made the complete drive on LA-82 from the Louisiana-Texas border all the way to Abbeville, stopping along the way at my usual spots and also finding some new ones. The running joke that day was making fun of Weather Channel photographer-beefcake Peter Lik, who has succeeded only in turning landscape photography and Photoshopping into a high-adrenaline contact sport. Anytime myself or my wife saw a potential photograph and needed to stop the truck, we'd yell out Lik's catch phrase, "It's a gallery shot!!!"  One place I revisited was a tree line along Trosclair Road near Rutherford Beach; for some reason this simple line of trees in front of the marsh has always caught my eye. (See earlier post "Same Place Four Years Later")
I think the third time was the charm, and after five years of shooting in Cameron Parish I got the look I was satisfied with...until the next time I visit.