Thursday, August 11, 2011

White Lake, Vermilion Parish

There are few available images of White Lake in Vermilion Parish,
Louisiana, and it's easy to see why; no roads lead to it.
There is no marina or park anywhere around it.
Yet web image searches for White Lake
seem pretty common; it's seven miles wide north to south,
and about fourteen miles wide east to west; it's pretty big.
Maybe everyone wants to just be sure it's there.

So here it is...

I managed to get to its shore one cool and windy morning in mid-March 2008,
where I was only able to stay a few minutes and snap the three
images you see below before beating a quick retreat to Pecan Island.
White Lake appears shallow, extremely muddy, and chock loaded
with oil and gas infrastructure. Zooming in on the images
shows rigs everywhere on the horizon, perhaps four or
five miles offshore.

So here they are - currently the only ground-level photos of White Lake available on the web.
Click for larger view.
(Reminder: do not download or use without permission!!)